Watu Lawang Beach, Beautiful Beach with Beautiful Coral Hills in Gunung Kidul

NET-Magazines.net – Indonesia has a stretch of sea land that is wider than the mainland, therefore, there are tens of thousands of beaches that stretch out, one of which is in the Special Province of Yogyakarta. This special area has various beach charms that must be visited, such as Watu Lawang Beach.

The beach behind this hill has a history of its own. It is said that according to the local community, Watu Lawang Beach is one of the beaches that became the traces of a Prabu Brawijaya VI. On the beach there are two caves, this cave is in the form of a stone which in its mouth is like a door or a gate, that is the beginning of the name of the beach.

The beach located in Gunung Kidul is a line of interesting beaches in Yogyakarta that you must visit with your family, besides having an attractive and eye-pleasing panorama, this beach also has adequate facilities, as well as a clean beach atmosphere and clear water adding to its beauty.


Watu Lawang Beach Tourist Attractions

1. Sea Panorama

This beach located in Gunung Kidul has the main attraction of the vast expanse of the ocean. In addition to the expanse of the sea, there are several rock hills and pandanus forests around the left and right sides of the sea that you can see. No wonder many tourists who come just to relax while looking at the panorama of the sea.

A calm, peaceful and soothing situation is always an interesting thing for you to feel. The waves and the blowing of the beach wind add to the different sensations. The air that is still fused with the green nature can make you feel calm compared to the pollution of the city streets.

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Watu Lawang Beach has very clear colored sea water, which has a clear bluish color. You can also invite your family or friends to walk along the coast. In addition, this beach has calm waves, because the height of the sea waves is only about 1 meter above sea level.

For those of you who want to visit, it is recommended to come in the afternoon before the afternoon, because at that time you will see the beauty of the beach that blends with the panorama of the afternoon sky. Or on another occasion, you can come in the morning to see the sunrise while basking in the beach sun.

2. Batu Caves and Coral Hills

The origin of the naming of Watu Lawang Beach comes from a stone cave that resembles a door, the word Watu which means stone and the word Lawang which means door. When entering the coastal area, there are several interesting stone caves to explore, unfortunately this stone cave is only opened when there is a traditional ceremony in the month of sha’ban of the hijri calendar.

In addition to the stone cave in the form of a door, you can see several natural rock tunnels that you must explore if you go to Watu Lawang Beach. You don’t have to worry, this tunnel has solid stones so it won’t be shaken or crushed. Some of these stones spread across the coast.

In addition to the rock cave, the coral panorama is no less interesting to see and visit. Around the beach there are several corals overgrown with green plants. You can climb the reef to simply feel the beauty of the beach or to fish.

3. The Bridge That Joins the Coral

Interestingly, at Watu Lawang Beach, a special bridge was built that merges with several corals. This bridge has an end, at the end of which there is a small hut where you can relax or take pictures. Access to the bridge is also very strategic to pass, but you must stay alert!

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This bridge is perfect for those of you who want to feel calm by enjoying the panoramic view of the beach, because of its strategic location so that the lodge can see all corners of the beach. At the lodge, you can see the expanse of blue sea, rocks, shady hills, plus a beautiful panorama of the sky.


Address and Travel Route to the Beach

The interesting nature tourism of Watu Lawang Beach is located in Tepus District, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. You can travel about 2 hours from downtown Yogya to the beach location. The distance of this trip is about 66 kilometers. You can get access to the beach by following the Indrayanti beach access, because the two beaches are close together.

Because this beach is still relatively new and still has quiet visitors, so the route from Yogya city, you can take the route by choosing the route to Wonosari to Bintaos. Next, you can follow the route to Indrayantu Beach. The location of the beach is about 600 meters from Indrayanti Beach.

You are advised to use private vehicles such as cars or motorbikes because access to public transportation does not yet have a route to the beach. So that your trip does not get lost, use the google maps application as a travel guide. Because the roads are not yet paved, so you still have to go slowly and be careful!


Watu Lawang Beach Entrance Ticket Prices

You can visit this beach that promises attractive beauty at an economical cost in the wallet because one entrance ticket is priced at Rp. 10,000. This ticket price includes tours of the entire coast, such as going around the beach or taking pictures.

For parking fees per car, it is only priced at Rp. 5,000 and motorbikes are priced at Rp. 3,000. As for the operational hours of the beach, it is open every day and 24 hours. You can visit in the morning or come in the afternoon.

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In addition, you can also stay overnight, there are several economical inns around the beach, hundreds of meters from the coast. In addition to lodging, you can also set up a tent on the coast by paying a price of Rp. 10,000 for the cost of cleaning the beach.


Tourist Facilities at Watu Lawang Beach

When traveling to Watu Lawang Beach, you don’t have to worry about the facilities. With an economical entry ticket price, you can get beach facilities that can be said to be quite complete. Of course there is nothing to lose if you spend time on the beach.

Although the access road is not wide so that the beach parking area is not too wide, but the other facilities are clean and good. There are men’s and women’s toilets as well as wet changing rooms, there are also small stalls selling a variety of typical Jogja foods and drinks.

For those of you Muslims who are worried about praying, you don’t need to worry, because there are special places of worship such as a prayer room located on the beach. There are also wooden huts for tourists who want to relax while enjoying the beach. In addition there are special lodging for overnight stays.

Watu Lawang Beach is one of the beaches that is still quiet from visitors compared to other beaches because it has just opened, but the beauty of the beach is no less beautiful than other beaches in Jogja. For those of you who want to vacation on the weekend, this beach can be one of the must-visit destinations.

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