15 Most Hits Tourist Attractions in Madiun

NET-Magazines.net – The city of Madiun has natural wealth and tourist charm that is worthy of a visit. Most of the tours offer a quiet and comfortable place for a vacation. No wonder every holiday season, the tourist attraction of this girl city is always crowded with tourists.

You can explore various tourist locations with amazing panoramas. Ranging from water tours to soothing green mountains. The following is a review of 15 tourist attractions in Madiun that you must explore while on vacation.

1. Krecekan Denu Waterfall

The tourist location is about 20 kilometers from the city center of Madiun. You can take it in approximately 45 minutes by car or motorbike. After arriving at the place you have to walk for 15 minutes. However, you need to be careful because the terrain you are going through is quite extreme.

Tiredness will pay off when you see a waterfall as high as 20 meters in front of your eyes. Plus the natural atmosphere is very beautiful and still well maintained.

Location: Kepel Village, Kec. Kare, Kab. Madison.

2. Seweru Waterfall

From Seweru Hamlet, you will pass the available footpath for one kilometer. This tourist attraction presents a waterfall height of about 400 meters above sea level. Therefore, the tourist atmosphere is very cool and calming, suitable for those of you who want to find peace.

At the bottom of the waterfall there is a pool that is quite large and safe to use for swimming or playing with the family.

Location: Branjang, Kec. Kare, Kab. Madison.

3. Kedungbrubus Reservoir

Since it was inaugurated in 2008, this place is always crowded with tourists. Initially the reservoir functioned as an irrigation facility, then various tourist facilities were built. Here, visitors can visit historical tours in the form of ancient fossils, relics of the previous kingdom.

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It is said that the Kedungbrubus reservoir is an ancient river that is connected to the city of Trinil. Around it there are food stalls to places to relax.

Location: Dawuhan, Kec. Pilangkenceng, Kab. Madison.

4. Notopuro Reservoir

The Madiun government designed the reservoir as a rain-fed area, then drained the area around the slopes of Mount Pandan. You can visit this place in the morning while welcoming the rising sun.

Almost all of the roads are paved so they can be used for sports or cycling activities. In addition, the reservoir manager also provides fishing locations, as well as fishing equipment that has been provided by the manager.

Location: Tulung, Kec. Saradan, Kab. Madison.

5. Grape Nature Tourism

The distance is about 15 kilometers from the city of Madiun, and can be reached within 30 minutes. The land area is approximately 1.5 hectares with tourist facilities that are quite complete. Starting from the prayer room, bathroom, to food stalls around the waterfall.

Here you can enjoy hiking activities, such as camping and rock climbing. Because the tourist atmosphere is very friendly, it is suitable for a vacation with family.

Location: Kuwiran, Kec. Kare, Kab. Madison.

6. Kendil Mountain

Many tourists say that this place is similar to the scenery in Santa Monica, Los Angeles. Formerly this tourist attraction was a military training ground, then it was converted into a tourist spot. There is a car and motorcycle racing arena which is often used for local residents’ racing matches.

In addition, there are fishing ponds and campgrounds, which are specially provided for visitors who want to be close to nature.

Location: Jl. Mt. Kendil, Pilangrejo, Kec. Wungu, Kab. Madison.

7. Madiun Riverside Park

The Madiun government has remodeled an unkempt park into a tourist spot for local residents. In the garden there are several gazebos that can be used to relax in the afternoon. While enjoying the breeze and clear skies, you can use it as a solution to relieve fatigue. Visitors can also enjoy various culinary tours provided by food vendors.

Location: Jl. A. Yani, Pangongangan, Kec. Manguharjo, Madiun City.

8. Brumbun Tubing Adventure

This tourist spot is currently popular among young people in Madiun, because it offers several exciting rides. White water rafting was chosen by visitors as the most challenging and fun activity.

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By utilizing the swift current of the river from the slopes of Mount Wilis and the condition of the rocky river, it is enough to stimulate adrenaline. When you walk along the river you will be treated to a unique view of rural nature.

Location: Brumbun, Kec. Wungu, Kab. Madison.

9. Cross Tables

For those of you who like historical tourism, it might be right for you to visit the Palang Mejayan historical site. This place has a collection of statues from the remains of the Ancient Javanese Kingdom, which are still well preserved.

The location is around the Caruban area, quite close to the Madiun-Surabaya causeway. The form of the tourist spot is only an old house that is not too big, but holds a lot of new knowledge about Indonesian history.

Location: Jl. Commander Sudirman No. 79 A, ​​Mejayan, Kec. Madiun, Kab. Madison.

10. Kuncen Kuno Ancient Mosque

This historic building has been around since the reign of Sultan Trenggono. Initially this place had the name Nur Hidayatullah Mosque, but in 1970 it was changed to the Kuncen Mosque. The architecture of the mosque is very thick with Hindu culture, because it was founded in the era of the Demak Kingdom.

The style of Hindu culture is very clearly visible from the gate of the mosque to the back. Inside, there are still some ornaments with Hindu accents.

Location: Kuncen, Kec. Park, Madiun City.

11. Tirtonirmolo Taman Park

Located on the Ngawi-Madiun route, precisely in the Tempuran area, this place provides water rides for a vacation. Visitors can enjoy facilities including a slide pool, fountain pool, to a special pool for children. Because it is full of rides, this tourist attraction is more suitable to be visited with family.

No need to worry about ticket costs because they are quite cheap. You can enjoy family time throughout the day as well as emotional bonding with children.

Location: Jl. Raya Ngawi-Madiun No.KM. 7, Sambi, Tempuran, Kec. Ngawi, Kab. Ngawi.

12. Mount Wilis

East Java has a mountain with a height of 2,169 masl, and stretches in five areas. Not only does it have a charming tourist charm, but Mount Wilis also has its own historical story. In 1949 this mountain was used as a resting place for the guerrilla troops to Yogyakarta, led by General Sudirman. Even though it is classified as a resting volcano, it does not reduce the volume of visitors. It is recommended to go during the day so you can see the beauty of the sunset.

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Location: Tawang, Banaran, Kec. Pulung, Kab. Ponorogo.

13. Umbul Recreation Park

This tourist attraction is a heritage park from the Dutch colonial period. Here there is a source of warm sulfur water, and is often used as an alternative medicine. Umbul Park provides a mini zoo with several animals in it. It is also equipped with a mini water park and a windmill right in the garden yard. On the right and left there are ravines that add to the impression of a thicker nature.

Location: Jl. Ngumbul, Umbul, Glonggong, Kec. Dolopo, Kab. Madison.

14. Kucur Waterfall

This tourist area was deliberately built to overcome the problem of drought during the dry season. Even though it is only an artificial waterfall, it has quite a beautiful view. The attraction is at 4 levels of waterfalls that have different heights. The first level is about 15 meters high, while the next three levels are 3 meters each. The natural environment here is quite calm with the cool air typical of the wilderness. To enter this place you are free of charge at all, and can explore the tour until satisfied.

Location: Dewi, Semen, Kec. Gandusari, Kab. Blitar.

15. Nongko Ijo Pine Forest

The location is right at the foot of Mount Wilis, still in the same area as Mbonromo Hamlet. Visitors can see the shady and cool forest, you could say it is suitable as a place of relaxation.

When you enter the forest, you will see two river springs that meet, between the Juweh river and the Catur river. In addition, there is an ancient dam from the Dutch era, which is used by the community for irrigation.

Location: Gligi, Kepel Village, Kec. Kare, Kab. Madison.

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