Cariu Deer Breeding, Fun to Play in the Wild For Your Family

Bogor Regency is known to have many natural attractions. One of the highlights is the Cariu Deer Captivity.
This deer breeding is located in Buana Jaya Village, Tanjung Sari District, Cariu, Bogor Regency. Its location far from urban areas makes this place very suitable for deer breeding, in addition to its beautiful nature, its geographical location also supports making this deer captive similar to the original habitat of the deer.

Along the way to the captivity, tourists will be spoiled with views of forests, rice fields, and trees that are still lush and shady. That is also the reason the area around the area is often used as a destination for people who have a hobby of camping in the open.

Arriving at the captivity, the tourists will be immediately greeted by green trees that spread as far as the eye can see. The sound of birds whistling one after another, splashing water could be heard from the flow of the Cibeet River that passed along the conservation area.

Cariu Deer Captivity is one of the destination ideas that you can visit on holidays or weekends, you know! As the name implies, this tour offers the charm of deer.

Interestingly, the Cariu Deer Farm itself is managed by Perhutani as a tourist area that anyone can visit, especially for educational tours for the little ones.

This tourist spot is located in Bogor Regency which is not too far from the city. Even included in a unique tourist spot, you know because every visitor is free to interact with the existing deer.

But don’t worry, all the deer here can be sure to be tame, if you still have doubts, you can ask for a companion from the caretaker of this place.

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Come on, before you visit, take a look at all of the Cariu Deer Captivity here!

A Brief History and Location of the Cariu Deer Captivity

It turns out that the Cariu Deer Farm has been around for 29 years, you know, where this place was founded in 1993 and is under the auspices of Perum Perhutani Unit III.

Interestingly, this location was not originally designated for deer breeding, but was used as a place for research. Over time, in 2003 this place was granted a permit for the purpose of ecotourism.

Then in 2006, this captivity was under the area of ​​RPH Cariu, BKPH Jonggol, and KPH Bogor.

The Cariu Deer Captivity is also known as the Giri Jaya Captivity with an area of ​​8.4 hectares and is included in the location of the Mount Sanggabuana area.

Cariu deer breeding is located in Bogor Regency and from Bogor itself it takes 2 hours to get to this deer breeding place. If you are start from Jakarta, you can pass the Cibubur-Mekarsari toll road and continue with Jonggol-Tamansari, then you can arrive at the Cariu Deer Captivity. To make it easier, you need to look for the Mekarsari Fruit Garden first, from there you will easily find the deer breeding location, but the distance is still quite far.

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The Cariu Deer Farm is adjacent to Heaven Memorial Park in Jonggol. You also don’t need to worry, because this location is already in the Google Maps application.

Activities at Cariu Deer Captivity

After you know the location and a brief history of this tourist spot, let’s find out what activities you can do at Cariu Deer Captivity! This tourist spot is built and managed by the government, so the activities provided are also tailored to the needs of visitors. You can try some of these activities when you arrive at the location.

1. Play with Different Types of Deer

Surely you will meet various types of deer, yes! This 8.4 hectare area accommodates many types of deer and is also a place for deer to live.

The types themselves range from Bawean Deer, Spotted Deer, to Timor Deer. As mentioned above, you don’t need to worry, the deer here are tame and friendly to visitors.

This area can be said to be very open with green land so there are lots of touches of nature. However, in some spots there are fences that cannot be passed because it aims to prevent deer from getting lost and running away.

You can also, you know, bring vegetables to give to the deer, but try not to give other food, so that the deer can stay healthy.

Not infrequently this location is also a place for pre-wedding photos with the deer, to other photo shoots. Very interesting!

2. Camping and Outbound

Outbound games are indeed very interesting for children, besides training your little one’s courage, playing outbound can also train their agility.

In addition to outbound, you can also camp in this captivity. The land provided is specifically for camping only. Of course, this activity is perfect for your families vacation.

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The camping location itself can accommodate 200 people. So if you want to bring a large family too, of course you can!

3. Children’s Play Area

Although all the places around Cariu Deer Captivity are very child-friendly, there is also a children’s play area.

Not only a play area, there is even a small swimming pool suitable for children, you know!

4. Photo Hunt

It’s not complete if a trip without taking pictures, yes you! Throughout the Cariu Deer Captive area, you can take photos as freely as possible even with the deer.

Not only taking pictures with deer, you can also take pictures in forest areas equipped with hammocks or other decorations that can beautify your photos.


Tips for Visiting Cariu Deer Captive

  • Well, before you visit, make sure to follow these tips, so you’ll be better prepared for adventure!
  • Don’t wear flip-flops, considering this is a nature tour so you can be sure you will meet natural terrain that may be dangerous if you use flip-flops.
  • Come at the right time, Cariu Deer Captivity is open from 08.00 – 17.00.
  • Prepare money for entrance tickets, this location requires an entrance fee of Rp. 20,000.
  • Use a private vehicle, the location is deep enough so that it is difficult to reach by public transportation such as trains or buses. So, to be more comfortable, bring a private vehicle, yes you.

So, that’s all the Cariu Deer Captivity that you can visit with your little one while learning about nature! Have fun there!

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