Enjoy a Beautiful Vacation to Ayer Island, Nature Tourism in the Thousand Islands

The thousand islands are indeed famous for the beauty of their islands, especially the type of resort islands on the thousand islands which are really suitable as a thousand island trip destinations on weekends or even a honeymoon (honeymoon) for newly married couples.

Have you ever had a vacation to Ayer Island? Ayer Island is one of the many islands in the Thousand Islands. This island is included in the resort island category because in it there is a traditional West Papuan ethnic style inn.

When you come to Ayer Island, you will be greeted with views of the buildings that are deliberately designed in the cultural style of the Asmat Tribe, the indigenous tribes living in West Papua.

Things to do on Ayer Island

When coming on vacation to Ayer Island, most tourists stay here because they want to enjoy the atmosphere and beautiful natural scenery.

If you want to make a round trip you can do it too. There are many activities to do in Ayer Island, including:

1. Relax and Enjoy the View

The first activity that can be done while on vacation to Ayer Island is relaxing while enjoying the view around the beautiful beach from the gazebo.

You can also relax on the beach while playing in the sand or basking in the sun. In the afternoon, on this beach, you can enjoy the view of the sunset whose panorama is very stunning. While enjoying the scenery, you can also take pictures with the background of the beautiful natural scenery.

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2. Fishing

One of the activities most tourists do when they come here is fishing. Most tourists will fish on the pier. No need to bother bringing fishing equipment, we can rent fishing equipment because on Ayer Island there is a fishing equipment rental place.

3. Playing Various Water Games

If you want to do activities that move a lot, you can do various water games here. Unfortunately, since the location of Pulai Ayer is close to Jakarta, the sea water is a bit green so it doesn’t allow you to snorkel. However, take it easy, okay! There are still various other water games that can be done, such as canoeing, banana boating, and many more.

4. Cycling Around the Island

Another activity that can be done while traveling to Ayer Island is cycling around the island. Of course, this atmosphere and experience can not be felt often. Because cycling on the island and on the beach is very different from cycling around housing complexes.

5. Land Sports

The last activity is doing land sports. This is because on Ayer Island there are very complete sports facilities. You can play basketball, table tennis, beach volleyball, jogging, swimming, and many more. With the complete sports facilities here, you don’t have to worry about feeling bored, OK!


Location and Itinerary

Ayer Island is located in the Thousand Islands area which is administratively included in the DKI Jakarta Province. To arrive at Ayer Island, you can depart from Marina Beach, Ancol. Later you just have to cross using a motorboat, speed boat, or ferry. The travel time needed to cross is approximately 30 minutes.

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If you don’t want to depart from Marina Beach, Ancol, you can actually depart from the direction of the Kali Adem or Muara Angke piers. The travel time is not much different from crossing from Marina Beach.


Opening Time and Admission

Ayer Island was briefly closed in 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, since the beginning of 2022 yesterday, Ayer Island tourism has started to re-open. Like an island, Pulau Ayer does not have operating hours or opening hours so you can come anytime.

However, before coming, make sure the schedule of the boat that takes you to the island. Most tourists prefer to come in the morning or evening to avoid the heat of the sun.

The entry ticket includes the cost of taking the ferry or speed boat.

Facilities on Ayer Island

Included in the Thousand Islands area, the facilities on Ayer Island are very complete so that you can be more comfortable while on vacation.

You can find resorts or inns with various prices per night. Apart from that, there are also other facilities, such as:

  • Basketball court
  • Beach volleyball court
  • Swimming pool
  • jogging track
  • Bicycle track
  • Children’s play area
  • Fishing area
  • Gazebo
  • Mini Market
  • Restaurant or diner
  • ATM
  • Toilet
  • Bathroom


Tips for Traveling on Ayer Island

Before traveling to Ayer Island, there are several tips that can be considered so that the vacation agenda becomes more enjoyable later, namely:

1. Make a Reservation for Sure

Ayer Island is one of the most popular islands in the Thousand Islands. So, if you want to vacation here, it’s better to make a reservation in advance. The first reservation that needs to be made is for the ferry or speed boat that is used to cross the island. When making a reservation, make sure the departure schedule is certain. Usually the crossing by speed boat is on time, so make sure the time of departure and also the time of return later.

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The second reservation that needs to be made is for lodging if you want to stay overnight. Although there are many lodging options to choose from, during the red dates and the holiday season, the average inn here is full. So if you want to stay overnight, it’s better to make a reservation in advance.

2. Prepare Sufficient Funds

In addition to making reservations, the other most important thing is to arrange a sufficient budget while on vacation here.

To cross using a boat or speed boat, prepare funds starting from IDR 50.000 to IDR 100.000.

As for the accommodation, starting from the price of IDR 500.000 to IDR 2.500.000 per night.

This depends on the size of the room or cottage selected.

So, overall if you want to take a vacation trip to Ayer Island, provide a vacation fund of around IDR 1.000.000


That’s some information about Ayer Island that can be obtained.

Are you interested in going on a vacation to Ayer Island in the near future?

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