10 Traditional Banyuwangi Foods that are Delicious and Famous in Indonesia

Banyuwangi is located in East Java, known for its natural tourist destinations and Banyuwangi specialties that taste commendable. The typical food of Banyuwangi mostly uses chicken and duck as the basic ingredients.

However, that does not mean that there are no other culinary uses that use these two protein sources. There are lots of Banyuwangi specialties that you can find, but the ones that are recommended because they taste good and famous. But some of them have a slightly spicy taste.

So, Banyuwangi specialties are suitable for those of you who like spicy food. Of course there are lots of Banyuwangi specialties that you can try.

Some of the recommendations are delicious and well known, namely:

1. Rujak Soto

The first typical Banyuwangi food is rujak soto. This culinary sounds very unique because most people think this food is a combination of two culinary delights, namely rujak and soto. Rujak soto is a combination of these two culinary delights.

So, in it there is a soup made from beef, tripe, or chicken. This soup is served with sliced ​​cucumber, tempeh, kale, bean sprouts, turi leaves, and rice cake. Of course the peanut sauce that has been mixed with the petis.

Can you imagine the unique taste? You can feel the taste of soto combined with typical Javanese salad.

2. Sego Tempong

Sego tempong is a typical Banyuwangi food that tastes good and fits well. This menu is suitable for your breakfast, lunch and also dinner. Sego in Javanese means rice. While tempong in Javanese means slap. Literally, sego tempong means slapped rice.

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So named because when you eat it, it’s so delicious, you feel like you’re being slapped with the delicacy. Sego tempong is rice served with various side dishes. These include jambal fish, tofu, and fried tempeh. The more complete with fresh vegetables, namely kenikir, cabbage, spinach, and basil. Last but not least, namely chili sauce.

So delicious!

3. Sego Cawuk

Sego cawuk or cawuk rice is the next Banyuwangi specialty that tastes unique. Inside there is pindang gravy with a mixture of other ingredients. Sego cawuk is rice served with various side dishes of Pepes. It can be fish sauce, squid peppers, pindang peppers, to kikil peppers.

Sego cawuk will be given additional grated roasted coconut, shavings of roasted corn that has been seasoned, eggs, and crackers.

4. Sego Kalak

Another Banyuwangi specialty that also tastes good is sego kalak or nasi kalak. Sego kalak is a typical Banyuwangi mixed rice. Inside there are various types of side dishes served with rice. There are noodles, shredded spicy chicken, corn bakwan, eggs, serundeng, to stir-fried carrots and beans which are very distinctive. One thing that should not be forgotten about Sego Kalak is the sambal called sambal kalak. This sambal kalak is a typical Banyuwangi chili sauce made with a mixture of shrimp paste.

5. Pecel Rawon

Pecel rawon can be a special Banyuwangi food that is unique but tastes good. Although it sounds strange, the combination of pecel with rawon can make a delicious combination of flavors. Pecel rawon is made in a really simple way because you only need to combine rawon and pecel culinary. For serving, the rice that has been placed on a plate will be doused with gravy and rawon meat. On one side, a typical vegetable pecel is given. There are long beans, bean sprouts, kale, cucumber, to spinach.

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Finally, doused with peanut sauce. Yummy!

6. Pecel Pitik

Pecel pitik if interpreted in Indonesian is chicken pecel. Although the name is familiar, this Banyuwangi specialty is different from most of the chicken pecels we have known so far. Pecel pitik is a typical Banyuwangi food made with chicken, of course.

The chicken used can be kampung chicken which is seasoned with special spices and then grilled until cooked. Once cooked, the chicken will be shredded and then mixed with grated young coconut that has been seasoned. The seasoning is similar to the urap seasoning.However, the taste of kencur is not too strong and the spicy taste is due to the mixture of cayenne pepper.

7. Pindang Koyong

If the typical Banyuwangi food above is mostly made from chicken, this time fish is used as the main ingredient. Usually the type of fish used is tuna or mackerel. In addition to these two types of fish, you can use other types of fish. However, try to choose fish with thick meat so that when cooked it doesn’t break easily.

Pindang koyong is cooked with yellow seasoning sauce for a rather long period of time. Inside there is a mixture of starfruit, lime leaves, lemongrass, and ginger so that the aroma and taste are different.

If you like spicy, Pindang Koyong is added with whole cayenne pepper while the fish is being cooked with spices.

8. Kesrut Chicken Soup

For those of you who like soupy and spicy food, chicken soup kesrut can be the right choice for you. Kesrut chicken soup is a typical Banyuwangi food originating from the Osing Tribe, which is a native of Banyuwangi. Kesrut chicken soup is made from chicken.

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Then, given a mixture of chili, onions, starfruit, and kecombrang. This is what makes this shriveled chicken soup has an additional sour taste in it. Of course, this combination of savory, sour, and spicy flavors will be very delicious when eaten with warm white rice.

9. Banyuwangi Spicy Chicken

Still with Banyuwangi specialties that have a spicy taste and are made from chicken, there is Banyuwangi spicy chicken. Banyuwangi spicy chicken has a good taste so it is popular not only in its hometown, but also other cities in East Java. Banyuwangi spicy chicken is made from free-range chicken which is seasoned with spices, chili, and coconut milk. After being cooked with these spices, the chicken will be roasted until it is brown in color.

10. Uyah Asem Pitik

The last Banyuwangi special food, namely uyah asem pitik. In Javanese, uyah means seasoning, while pitik means chicken. If the names are combined, it will mean chicken seasoned with savory acid. The chicken used is native chicken. After being washed, the chicken will be seasoned with onions, chilies, lime leaves, star fruit, and various other spices. The addition of wuluh starfruit makes a natural sour taste in this Banyuwangi specialty.

If there is no star fruit, people will use small tomatoes or green tomatoes to give the sour taste in it.

Those are some of the famous Banyuwangi specialties in Indonesia. Have you ever tried any typical Banyuwangi food?

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