Lampung’s Special Food That Can’t Be Missed, Delicious!

If you are a fan of Indonesian food, don’t ever miss the typical food of Lampung. This area which is famous for Way Kambas National Park has unique foods that are too bad to miss.

Indeed, it feels incomplete when visiting or on vacation to an area, without trying the typical food of that area. Well, it’s the same when you go to Lampung, right!

Besides being famous for its banana chip souvenirs, it’s a good idea for you to also try special foods from the area. The following is a complete review of Lampung’s typical food that you must try!

Lampung Special Food

There are many Lampung specialties that must be tasted when you visit there, including:

1. Seruit

When it comes to seriit, everyone will agree that this one dish is the most famous typical food of Lampung.
Seruit is also often served in big events, such as weddings. So, what exactly is the harpoon?

Seruit is a typical Lampung food consisting of fried or grilled fish, mixed with chili paste, tempoyak, or mango. Well, usually the fish served for the squirrel, such as balide fish, baung, layis, or other river fish.

The method of making it is quite simple, you know! The fish that has been selected earlier, is then seasoned with garlic, salt, turmeric, and is healthy.

When burned or fried, then given additional chili paste mixed with tempoyak. Lastly, rice and fresh vegetables are the most fitting and delicious complement to the squirt to eat.

The name seriit itself comes from the word ‘nyeruit’ which has a meaning, which is done together. This name departs from the characteristics of the Lampung people who have a high value of togetherness.

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You need to understand, seruit is also known as pisro, which is a delicious dish typical of the Lampung region. The spicy and sour taste is the uniqueness of this typical Lampung food.

2. Geguduh

If you like sweet and savory foods, it’s perfect for tasting geguduh.

This delicious snack will spoil the tongue with its sweet taste and soft texture. So, what is geguduh actually made of, huh?

Geguduh is one of Lampung’s traditional snacks that is very popular.

Geguduh is made from banana kepok, which is mashed until soft then added with flour, then stirred until evenly distributed.

This one food is usually enjoyed with family, or become friends to enjoy with a cup of coffee or warm tea. The cooking method is easy, namely the bananas are fried until cooked.

Add pandan leaves or whiting water to add to the aroma.

With culinary modifications to date, geguduh is also often served with various toppings, such as sweetened condensed milk, meses, or raisins. Interested to try it?

3. Umbu

Have you ever tried this typical Lampung food? If not, it never hurts to enjoy the umbu when visiting Lampung, yes.

Umbu is a food made from young rattan. When made, the rattan pieces will be boiled for a while until the texture becomes soft.

Umbu is usually used as a mixture when sautéing vegetables or served as a side dish in Lampung.

Umbu can also be used as a base for stir-fried vegetables. However, because rattan is difficult to find, umbu is usually served during traditional events or other important events.

4. Taboh curry

The next typical Lampung food that must be tried is the taboh curry. This dish is made from coconut milk cooked with fish.

Well, it’s not only fish that is put in this curry, but there are also bamboo shoots, cabbage, long beans, and red beans.

The types of fish commonly used in taboh curry are tuna or tuna. It can be said that the taste of the taboh curry is similar to that of vegetable lodeh, but has a more savory and spiced taste.

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There are two types of curry taboh which are famous in Lampung.

First, the taboh curry uses the basic ingredients of sea fish which is added with vegetable leaves of Tangkil, long beans, and bamboo shoots. Second, the taboh curry is made with river fish, along with a mixture of tuba or kluwak.

5. Tempoyak

Still unfamiliar with the term tempoyak or tempoyang? Broadly speaking, it can be said that tempoyak is the fermentation of durian fruit which is made into a kind of sauce or food complement.

In addition, in fact not only Lampung, tempoyak is commonly used as a cooking spice in several other areas, such as Palembang, Jambi, and others.

The process of making tempoyak begins with ripening the durian flesh. Durian flesh that has been placed in a container, then added salt or yeast.

The amount of salt is what affects the type of tempoyak produced, namely tempoyak acid or tempoyak salted.

It should be understood, so that the fermentation process can be faster, tempoyak will be put in a closed container or stored in the refrigerator.

The result of the fermentation process will change the natural taste of the ingredients into a distinctive tempoyak taste which has a slightly durian flavor and a slightly sour taste.

When it’s finished fermenting, you can add a variety of fish, ranging from anchovies, tilapia fish, goldfish, and others.

6. Gabing

Almost extinct and rarely found in everyday dishes, actually Gabing Vegetable is one of Lampung’s specialties that must be tried.

This vegetable is made from young coconut stalks that are cut into pieces, then cooked with coconut milk and other complementary spices.

The distinctive taste of this gabing vegetable itself is naturally sweet, and has a crunchy texture like bamboo shoots. The savory taste of the coconut milk will also make the tongue addicted and don’t want to stop chewing.

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Uniquely, in the past, Gabing vegetables were very familiar as a daily menu for the people of Lampung. This is because local people often cut down coconut trees to take advantage of part of the tree.

Finally, many young coconuts are processed into fresh food and drinks. Gabing vegetables are not only delicious on the tongue, but also have several benefits in them, such as fiber, phosphorus, carbohydrates, and potassium.

So, are you interested in trying this typical Lampung food?

7. Engkak

At first glance, it looks like a legit layer cake, but engkak is a different typical Lampung food, you know. Puffy has a softer texture and lasts longer. The taste of engkak is sweet and savory.

Sponge cake is usually eaten as breakfast or a snack in the morning. The basic ingredients in making ngkak are actually quite simple. Sponge cake is made of butter and eggs.

However, the cooking process is quite long because it bakes using a baking sheet in layers.

So, don’t be surprised if engkak has a very soft texture and is more durable than layer cake legit.

8. Lampung Banana Chips

Apart from laughing, there are also typical Lampung banana chips. Banana chips are indeed very popular among the people of Indonesia for their deliciousness.

Chips are made from bananas which are usually combined with various flavors that you can choose according to your taste such as cheese, chocolate, milk, strawberry, balado, roast beef, matcha, melon and others.

It’s definitely delicious as a family afternoon snack.

Those are some types of typical Lampung food that must be tasted. From spicy, sour, sweet, to savory, it’s all there!

You just choose which food you like. So, which one are you interested in trying first?

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