10 Tourist Attractions in Lampung that are More Hits and Must-Visit

Lampung is a province in Indonesia, located in Sumatera island. Although less popular than Bangka Belitung, Lampung has extraordinary tourism potential. Almost everything is there. Starting from natural attractions with river, mountains, beaches, and waterfalls, to contemporary tours such as selfie spots that can be found in there.

Over time, more and more new and exciting destinations have emerged. Among them, NET Magazines give you 10 tourist attractions in Lampung that are hits and of course you must visit below:

1. Dewi Mandapa Beach, Pesawaran

Lampung is indeed famous for its natural beauty, especially its beaches. One of the mainstays is Dewi Mandapa Beach. Not only the stretch of white sand and its waves that will spoil you, there are also several other tourist spots that you can touch.

For example, Love Island and Asmara Pier. You’ll find a wooden pier with small huts, swings, and a property for selfies. It’s just that to enter there, you will be charged an additional fee of around Rp. 20 thousand per location.

Address: Gebang, Padang Cermin, Pesawaran, Lampung.
HTM: IDR 10,000 per person (not including entrance fees for other rides).

2. Margotirto Dam, Gisting

The dam in the Gisting area is actually a remnant of the Dutch colonial government which was built around the 1930s. The Margo Tirto Dam was viral on social media, because photos of the surface of the water showed aquatic plants inside.

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Now the place, which is called Kampung Air Margotirto, has turned into a tourist spot and is equipped with a long 80×30 meter pond and a pedal bicycle.

Address: Campang, Gisting, Tanggamus Regency, Lampung.
HTM: IDR 3,000 per person.

3. Suoh Lake, Lampung

Suoh is an area located in West Lampung and is famous for its lake tourism and geothermal tourism which is interesting to visit. One of them is Suoh Lake, which is a subscription to nature lovers as well as photo hunters.

This area consists of four lakes, namely Asam Lake, Oil Lake, Belibis Lake, and Wide Lake. The characteristics of the four lakes differ according to their names, such as Acid Lake with low pH water and sour taste or Oil Lake whose surface looks shiny, like floating oil.

Around Belibis Lake there is a grass field that grows wild and one of the favorite spots to take pictures there.

Address: Kalibata Hamlet, Sukarga Village, Suoh District, Lampung.
HTM: Free

4. Peak Sea Binoculars

Muncak Sea Binoculars allows you to enjoy the beauty of Lampung Bay and the city from a height. The blue sea and a number of small islands will become a more beautiful photo backdrop as the sun sets.

There are a number of uniquely shaped substations that you can use to take pictures. At first glance, this place looks like a mini version of The Lodge Maribaya, Bandung.

Address: Muncak Village, Teluk Pandan District, Pesawaran, Lampung.
HTM: IDR 5,000 (motorcycle), IDR 10,000 (car).

5. Trikora Rubber Farm

The Trikora Rubber Plantation in South Lampung is said to be very similar to the scenery in South Korea. Rubber trees on the right and left of the road intertwine, forming a natural tunnel that is cool and Instagramable.

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It’s not wrong that this place is often the target of young Lampung people for photo hunting, ranging from just filling out Instagram feeds to pre-wedding needs. This plantation area is under the ownership of PT Perkebunan Nusantara VII (PTPN 7). The fun thing is, you can see the process of rubber tapping and freezing. So you can travel and learn new things at the same time.

Address: Rejomulyo Village, Jatiagung District, South Lampung Regency.
HTM: Free

6. Way Sumpuk Springs, Tanggamus

The Way Sumpuk spring began to hit at the end of 2016 as one of the cheap underwater photo spots, but the results are still okay. This place is not large, but the water is very clear, so it is suitable for those who want to take pictures in the water.

Address: Umbul Buah, Kota Agung District, Tanggamus Regency, Lampung.
HTM: Free

7. Beetle Hill, Bakauheni

At the top of Bukit Kumbang there is a temple belonging to a Chinese ethnic couple from Cilegon, Banten. Even though they manage the temple privately, its beauty often invites people to visit.

Because it is at the top of a hill, you need trekking with a fairly steep terrain. Even so, the view of the blue sea from the top of the hill will be a worthy reward for your trip.

Address: Kumbang Hill, Sumur Village, Bakauheni.
HTM: Free

8. Puncak Mas

At first glance, this place is similar to The Lodge Maribaya in Lembang, Bandung, because it is mostly a tourist area for selfies.

One of the characteristics is that there are many tree houses of various sizes, ranging from small ones to two-story tree houses. There is even a prayer room located on a tree, you know!

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In addition to taking photos, you can also try hanging bicycle rides, which of course can stimulate adrenaline. For the size of the new tour which opened in 2017, the facilities are quite complete.

Address: Jalan H. Hamim RJP, Sukadana Ham, Tj. Karang Bar, Bandar Lampung.
HTM: IDR 10 thousand per person (not yet parking ticket price).

9. Minang Rua Beach Cave, Bakauheni

South Lampung Regency is a warehouse for beautiful beach tourism, such as Minang Rua Beach. One of the attractions there is not only the coastline, rock hills, and caves also add to the prestige of this beach.

Address: Kelawi, Bakauheni, South Lampung.
HTM: IDR 10.000 (motorcycle), IDR 20.000 (car).

10. Tegal Mas . Island

Tegal Mas Island is an island that was developed as a new mainstay tourist destination in Lampung. Not inferior to exotic islands and beaches in Bali, white sand, blue sea, and tropical-style cottages and villas color Tegal Mas Island.

You can do various water activities there, from snorkeling to canoeing. Vacations are so much more fun!

Address: Jalan Teluk Lampung, Pidada, Panjang, Pesawaran Regency, Lampung.
HTM: IDR 25.000 per person (not including equipment rental).

Those are the recommendations for destinations or tourist attractions in Lampung that are the most hits from NET Magazines. So just prepare your luggage and fly to Lampung, Indonesia!

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