Culinary Manado Is A Must Try, Tongue Guaranteed To Shake

Manado is often referred to as a culinary paradise. Not without reason, this title is given because Manado has a lot of culinary and exotic flavors that tempt the taste buds.

If you have the opportunity to visit Manado City, don’t miss some of Manado’s popular culinary delights below.

1. Banquet Cake

The first Bangket cake came from Rainis Village, before spreading to several provinces in North Sulawesi. Ingredients for making Banquet Cake also use sago as the basic ingredient, which is the main food of the people of the Talaud Islands.

2. Walnut Halua

These walnuts will be wrapped in crushed brown sugar, then coated with nuts. Halua Kenari is suitable for snacks at leisure, accompanied by coffee or tea.

3. Tinoransak

Tinoransak is a home -cooked food that tastes spicy and thick, usually this food is often made by Minahasa women.

This food is made from pork, so Muslims in the city of Manado have to process it themselves using beef or chicken.

4. Roll Cake

You may be familiar with the roll cake, a cake that is similar in shape to the Semprong cake from Karawang. This roll cake from the Sangihe Islands has a savory and crunchy taste, which makes you want to keep eating it.

This snack is made from sago, and shaped into rolls before being baked in the oven. If you have the opportunity to visit the Sangihe Islands, don’t forget to taste this roll cake.

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5. Cakalang Noodle

Cakalang noodles are a noodle dish, served with cakalang tuna. This dish is given spices that are mixed with the typical taste of Manado, thus creating a distinctive taste.

6. Grilled and Fried Tude Fish

Tude ya fish is a processed fish from Manado that tastes delicious and is addictive.
Tude fish is used alone, it can be fried fish or grilled fish according to taste. The tude fish will be served with warm rice, and a spicy dabu-dabu sauce.

7. Rika Roa

Rica Roa, is a typical Manado sauce made from fish. The fish used for this food is also the Roa fish, a flat-shaped fish that is silver gray in color. In production, Roa fish must be roasted before being turned into sambal.

8. Pampis

Pampis is a traditional food that comes from the Land of Minahasa. Pampis is a dish in the form of sliced ​​tuna cakalang, mixed with typical Manado cuisine.

9. Brenebon Soup

If you’ve heard of Brenebon ice cream, there’s also Brenebon Soup. This dish is culinary with Dutch influences, modified with Indonesian ingredients and spices. There are two types of Brenebon soup, namely red bean soup, and pork brenebon soup. Red bean soup has a sweeter flavor, while pork soup has a more savory flavor.

10. Chicken Woku Pot

Ayam Woku Belanga, this dish is prepared with Manado -style cooking spices that taste high. The seasoning from Ayam Woku Belanga itself, consists of several ingredients and spices.

The spices themselves include garlic and red onion, lime leaves, ginger, lemongrass, turmeric, and pandan leaves. Chicken Woku Belanga comes in two versions, namely thick soup or liquid soup like soup.

11. Ayam Isi Buluh

This food is processed with a special technique on reeds, which is bamboo that is often used by the people of Manado to process food. With this unique refinement, the taste of Chicken Stuffed with Alang-alang is increasingly widespread. Bamboo Stuffed Chicken consists of chicken pieces topped with chili, lemongrass, ginger, and turmeric.

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12. Panada

There are typical Manado dishes that are a must try. The shape of the Panada is almost the same as the pastel, but the texture of the Panada is slightly different.

The skin of the panada is more like bread, so if it is bitten it will not crush like the skin in pastels. The filling of the panada is tuna cakalang, mixed with spices. For residents outside of Manado it is possible to replace this squid with other fish.

13. Tinutuan

Tinutuan is a food in the form of porridge made with ingredients and processing methods typical of the people of Manado. These foods contain vegetables, without the meat element.

Residents of Manado themselves often eat Tinutuan as a breakfast menu, because it contains high and light nutrients but enough to start activities in the morning.

14. Sayur Ganemo

Ganemo vegetables consist of a mixture of melinjo leaves, papaya flowers, and pumpkin. This dish is a classic culinary, which has been around since time immemorial.

Today, Sayur Ganemo can be found in several food stalls in Manado. With its legendary taste, making Sayur Ganemo is a must try when visiting Manado City.

15. Fish with Sour Sauce

Sour Sauce Fish is a fish dish that is spiced with a fresh and sour taste. However, the sour taste of this food matches very well with the spicy taste.

Despite having a clear gravy, Asam Ikan Asem does not eliminate the typical taste of Manado, which is spicy. The spiciness itself has a level, which can be adjusted according to the ability and taste of the buyer.

16. Chicken Tuturaga

At first glance, the appearance of this typical Manado snack is similar to chicken pox. The ingredients for making Tuturuga are not very different from the culinary opor ayam. Prepared from chicken with yellow coconut milk gravy seasoned with various spices, this typical Manado is famous for its delicious savory taste.

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17. Papare

Another Manado culinary must -try is Papare. Papare is a culinary dish made from tuna. But what makes this Manadon dish unique is that its presentation is bitterly wrapped and then fried. No need to be afraid of the bitter taste of the bitter gourd, the variety of spices and seasonings in the tuna make this dish still savory and delicious when consumed.

18. Klappertart

Manado also has a very popular dessert menu, namely Klappertart. This dish, which is heavily Dutch -influenced, is a cake made from young coconuts mixed with milk, cheese, walnuts, and raisins.

The sweet taste and very soft texture of Klappertart makes it a favorite of many people.

19. Gohu

The next typical Manado food is pickled fruit typical of the Manado people. Generally, Gohu is made using papaya fruit, but it is not infrequently also served with cucumber or pineapple. The fruits are then soaked in a mixture of water, vinegar, lemon, cayenne pepper, ginger, brown sugar, and salt.

Served cold, this typical Manadon dish is a perfect choice to eat when it’s hot because of its refreshing taste.

20. Paniki

For those of you who have a unique culinary hobby, this next food selection from Manado should be tried. Although a bit extreme, Paniki made from bats is a Manado culinary that is quite popular. The bat meat mixed with coconut milk and rich spices makes this dish has a very distinctive spicy and warm taste.


It’s Manado’s culinary variety that will surely give you a different taste when you’re on holiday in Manado. What Manado specialties make you curious? Instead of being curious, let’s plan your next vacation to explore the various traditional foods of Manado.

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