Souvenirs And Interesting Places in Wonosobo Hunted by Tourists

Wonosobo is a district in Central Java Province, located in Indonesia. Wonosobo Regency was established on July 24, 1825 as a regency under the Kingdom of Yogyakarta after battle in the Diponegoro War. Kyai Moh Ngampah, Prince Diponegoro asistant, was appointed as the first regent in Wonosobo with the title Kanjeng Raden Tumenggung (K.R.T.) Setjonegoro.

Wonosobo is a district with exotic mountain views because it is flanked by two mountains, namely Mount Sindoro and Mount Sumbing with a height of more than 3000 meters above sea level. The soil conditions are very fertile so there are lots of plants that can grow, for example vegetables. From the Dieng plateau to Kaliwiro, which is a low-lying area, there are lots of vegetables.

Various kinds of vegetables can be grown, such as cabbage, potatoes, celery, kocai leaves, mustard greens, cucumber, spinach, eggplant, chili, kale, and many other types of vegetables. In this cold region can also grow a variety of fruits, such as bananas, papaya, durian, mango, guava, duku, rambutan, dragon fruit, pineapple, longan, strawberry, grape, mangosteen, and others.

Its strategic location and being in a mountainous area makes Wonosobo a district with enormous economic, tourism and agricultural potential with fertile and well-maintained land. No wonder this condition makes Wonosobo one of the most sought after cities by tourists.


Those who visit there are also eyeing a number of delicious and tasty souvenirs. Compiled from various sources, the following are typical souvenirs from Wonosobo.

Dieng Beans

This peanut, which comes from Wonosobo City, has its own uniqueness compared to other cities. Dieng beans have a larger shape than ordinary beans.

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Peanuts with the nickname ‘Pig Nuts’ from the people around Wonosobo are selling well in various circles. In addition to the savory taste, the presentation of the beans is quite simple and hassle-free.

The manufacturing process is also fast by frying peanuts and wrapped in flour. Then, the nuts will be sprinkled with various spices according to the tastes of the tourists. The snack is suitable for tourists to take as a souvenir with a long journey.


Purwaceng is a nutritious plant typical of the Dieng plateau. The plant is widely known as a herbal medicinal plant native to Indonesia.

Purwaceng also has many benefits. Some of them like warming the body and relieving aches.

In addition, the plant is also dubbed as ‘traditional strong medicine’. Modern processing of this plant is widely available in Wonosobo and is often the choice of typical souvenirs from Wonosobo.

Mushroom Chips

Wonosobo is one area that is famous for producing mushrooms. So, do not be surprised if tourists can find many mushroom processing companies in the city.

Mushroom chips in Wonosobo are generally made by home industries. The snack has a taste of the region that is still very pronounced. It makes a huge difference to the mushroom chips that can be found in big cities.


This one snack is suitable for tourists to make as a souvenir from the city of Wonosobo. Sagon is already very famous in Indonesia.

Sagon is processed sago flour combined with grated coconut and sugar. This typical Wonosobo souvenir is cooked by burning using charcoal or firewood with a flat and white shape.

The name of the Sagon Cake is taken from the raw material that uses sago flour. Not only will it break on the tongue, but sagon has a taste. The most striking cake is sweet and savory with a fragrant aroma.


Carica is a fruit product native to the Dieng plateau. The shape of the original fruit resembles a small version of the papaya.

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Processed carica itself has various types. Some of them range from sweets to syrups. For souvenirs from Wonosobo, tourists usually buy carica sweets because they are easy to carry on long trips.

Besides being delicious, Carica is a healthy souvenir from Wonosobo. It contains antioxidants, calcium, fiber, and vitamins in carica that support its function in fighting free radicals. If you regularly eat the fruit, your immune system becomes stronger against bacteria or viruses that cause disease.


The typical Wonosobo opak can be a recommendation for typical Wonosobo souvenirs. Opak has a savory and delicious taste.

Opak Wonosobo is sold with two different types, namely cassava and sticky rice. Both have differences in the basic ingredients.

for processed glutinous rice, it is usually mixed with grated coconut. In contrast, cassava opaque is not mixed with other complementary ingredients or served plain. Generally, this snack is suitable to be consumed with noodles or fried rice as a complement

Interesting Places

Wonosobo is synonymous with Mount Dieng. But actually Wonosobo also has many interesting places. One of the districts in Central Java has many beautiful places that make us obliged to go there. So how? These are 12 must -visit locations in Wonosobo.

1. Agrowisata Tambi

Tambi is a tea plantation agro -tourism. Once you reach the tea garden, the fragrant smell will irritate your nose. What’s more, the air temperature of about 15 degrees Celsius makes it feel comfortable there.

2. Arjuna Temple Complex

The temple of Arjuna was founded in the seventh century. In this place there are many sculptures and reliefs, which make you feel like you are in India.

3. Petak 9 Dieng Tourism

Petak 9 Dieng is the best entrance to see the scenery of Lake Warna which is famous for its colors. From above, you can see the complete color gradation.

4. Wadaslintang Reservoir

This reservoir is famous as the tallest reservoir building in Indonesia. Even the height of the building is up to 125 meters. The beauty of the natural panorama is truly amazing, especially for those who have a hobby of fishing, Wadaslintang Reservoir is a paradise.

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5. Kalianget Hot Spring

At first it looks quiet, but that makes it special. You don’t need to bother with anyone else to enjoy this hot spring.

6. Curug Winong

The location of Winong Waterfall is in Winongsari Village. This waterfall has a special feature, which is that it can descend from the top because the rocks are arranged naturally, such as a path or stairs down.

7. Jalatunda Well

What is special? First of all, this is just an ordinary green puddle. In fact the well is up to 90 meters in diameter. What’s more, he said well this brings luck to those who throw pebbles at it. To reach the well, you have to climb 257 stairs.

8. Batu Ratapan Angin

The name is unique. It’s as if it represents that the wind can cry. Unfortunately, the name is taken from the awe -inspiring sight of the scenery below. Batu Ratapan Angin is on of the best place to see Telaga Pengilon and also Telaga Warna.

9. Dieng View Post

This checkpoint is located on the side of the road in Dieng area. Its altitude reaches 1,700 meters above sea level. From this post, you can see the beauty of the Dieng plateau. The most special moment is when the sun rises.

10. Dieng Plateau Theater

This magnificent building is home to a documentary film about the Dieng Plateau. The title of the documentary shown is usually the title of Heavenly Earth.

11. Merdada Lake

Lake Merdada is the widest lake in the Dieng plateau. The lake is similar to a caldera of volcanic eruptions thousands of years ago that were then flooded with water. beautiful!

12. Mount Prau

Mount Prau or Gunung Prau is located at an altitude of 2,565 meters above sea level. This mountain peak achieved the achievement of being the best peak to see the sunrise in Southeast Asia.

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