Best Recommended Dating Apps Based On What You’re Looking For

If you’re looking for a romantic dating connection, you don’t have to look much further than your phone these days. In today’s hyper-connected world, it’s never been easier to meet so many potential partners from the comfort of your couch. But the convenience of dating apps presents a number of other challenges unique to dating: analysis paralysis, dating fatigue, ambiguous intentions, one-sided conversations that go nowhere, etc.

While dating apps can be overwhelming, they’re one of the most popular approaches out there and for good reason – we’re all on them now. If you’re looking to optimize your time, it might be a smart idea to approach apps with a sense of purpose, which means signing up for apps that will give you the best chance of meeting your type of people. After all, you’re not looking to meet everyone, you want to meet the right ones. (Here are all of our top online dating tips, by the way.)

The best dating app for you will be related to your dating goals. But the minor upgrade required to start a profile on the dating apps, makes it a great option for people just getting started in the online dating world. Plus, their popularity means you’ll likely find more potential matches regardless of your location.

We’ve rounded up the best recommended dating apps for 2022, depending on what you’re looking for in the next page.

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